Wednesday, 27 May 2009

new camera

Jumping for joy. New camera ... finally. I've only wanted one for a hundred years. I've been using dicky little point and shoot numbers forever. I figured out my budget, did my research and came up with the perfect camera for my needs. All was well.

Well, that it is, until I got it home. It's so damn fandangled! The last time I had a decent camera it was well before the D appeared in DSLR. It used to be a matter of light, aperature, speed. But this new number has so many buttons, knobs and dials that I don't know where to start. I'm terrified of it.

I've taken it out for a few runs and it keeps producing unexpected results. This camera is the boss of me. I can see myself spending the next year or so attempting to subjugate it.

The first pics are of the apartment. I thought I'd show the folks back home, who are never gonna come and visit us, what the place looks like. The aim of this first one is to make the balcony look bigger as it's really just a tiny elongated postage stamp. And because the folks are not likely to visit, they'll never know the deception I've perpetrated.

View from the postage stamp.
And the loungeroom. The aim here was to give an impression of what the room looks like. That didn't work! I'm sure it doesn't look this messy in real life, does it?
As you can see, it might be a year or more before I can both manage all the bits and bobs on the camera and take a pleasing shot. At any rate I do expect, in 365 days, to be able to award myself a Master of Cameraology. Oh and the camera ... a Canon 450D ... and I'm so far out of my depth it's silly! Imagine being able to step up and manage the Canon 5D MkII. Crikey! How do you do that?
Oh, and we're off to Rome. What are the chances of coming out of the trip camera intact?

Friday, 22 May 2009

I was heading to Al Jimi Mall the other day when I noticed the left lane of the road was blocked off by witches' hats. (I'm not sure if that's Aussie English or international English - witches' hats - you know those orange cones indicating road works or a road hazard). An official yellow, diamond sign helpfully informed me 'lift lane closed.' That was good. I like road signs like that, they get the imagination going, but my all time favourite road signs in Al Ain are the arrow markings on the road.

This used to be my favourite bit of road in Al Ain.

Until I saw this. Sorry? Which way do you want me to turn? Seriously?

long time coming

Decisions have been made. Plans are afoot. This baby (pic) is going to take us on a 20 day Mediterranean cruise. Our cabin comes with a balcony so the plan is to lie back with feet up, book in hand and a coffee or fermented grape substance in easy reach.

Before and after the cruise we're staying in each of Brussels, Bruges, Paris and Rome for a few days.
Sorting out itineraries, accommodation and transport is not a great deal of fun and has the potential to spoil a good holiday. But on the other hand, I guess that it's so wearying that one is ready for good holiday after that!
Another month of teaching, marking and adminning. Then we're off.