Sunday, 24 June 2007

six weeks to go

This has been a fairly frustrating week. I still haven't found anyone here in Aus who I'm happy to let adopt my dog. Also I still don't know if the apartment we've been allocated is dog-friendly. And ... time is pressing. If we're gonna take him to Al Ain, we need to get a course of needles started in the next week or so. If we're not gonna take him, we need to find a home with family or friends. Poor Oscar, sometimes I wonder if he has an inkling of what's going on. He seems happily oblivious to it all. We've got the cat sorted. It was quite easy to find a home for him.

The other issue we've been grappling with is the documents. They've all been sent, but have they arrived? AusPost have this wonderful system where you can track documents sent overseas. So I decided to try it out. It turns out that documents I sent 6 weeks ago are recorded as having been despatched from Brisbane, but then the trail runs cold. So I can confirm that they made it 100kms from home! The second lot of documents I sent a week and a half ago. They are recorded as having arrived in the USA, and then the trail runs cold. Can postal workers really mix up USA and UAE? I've called AusPost and they are 'looking into it.' I've contacted Al Ain to see if the documents arrived there, but I haven't heard back on that front either (though it has been the weekend!). It'll be a mega-pain if the documents haven't arrived. My faith in AusPost is at an all time low. At Christmas I sent a package to my daughter who was in England at the time. I paid a fortune to send it express so that it would only take 3 days and would arrive well before Christmas. The package never arrived!

So I'm not a happy pre-traveller this week! Hopefully the documents issue turns out to be one of sloppy record keeping rather than lost documents!

Monday is almost upon us and I've got lessons to prepare. Better get to it.


elle said...

Hi Aussie
I lived in Al Ain for 4 years. We've just moved to Abu Dhabi. I think the postal system worldwide is a shocker. Nothing can be as bad as the South African one. Generally there is no pet policies with regards to keeping pets in apartment blocks. You don't ask, you just do. There's a website where you will get a lot of your questions answered. Although it's abu dhabi there are some al ain ladies on the board. Good luck with your move, the beginning is always the hardest. My advise, just go with the flow.../elle

Brn said...

I'm pretty sure that it is worldwide. This actually happened to a friend of mine. He was trying to mail something to Austria, and the clerk told him that the address was invalid, because "Austria is not a valid abbreviation for Australia".

Aussie said...

lol. What can I say BRN? It's good to see a postal worker with a sense of humour! Probably the same guy who thought USA and UAE were the same destination.

It's lovely to get comments on my blog. For the last few months I've been reading the blogs of all the 'commentors' and scouring them to find out all I can about Al Ain. So I've really appreciated the existence of the blogs. It would have been so different 10 or 15 years ago when it would have been nigh impossible to find out anything about a city like Al Ain.