Friday, 31 August 2007

and it hasn't even been a month

Before I came to the UAE I read and heard so much about the roads here and how they are wild. Accidents, I was told, are a far too frequent occurence and an inevitable result of too much speed. I haven't even completed my first month here and already I've been involved in a traffic accident.

Two buses, too much speed and then indecision at a red light. Our bus slams on the brakes and comes to an abrupt holt jolting us all forward and then back. Then miliseconds later ... kabang! The second bus runs up the back of my bus shattering the back window and again throwing all the passengers forward and then back. Whiplash and confusion all around. People in shock. People holding their necks, some crying, others limping. Taxis taking people to hospital. New buses to ferry the other stranded passengers to our destination.

And all of this by 11am. The day ended reasonably well and I believe (and hope) that no-one has a lasting injury. It's certainly a day to remember. I hope it's the last experience of a traffic accident for all of us.


Al said...

Sounds like an interesting start to the day and set the scene for the comedy of errors to follow.

A favourite is always the bus driver telling the Policeman no one is injured as people limp around and hold their necks.

Did you at least get to see fireworks at your destination after seeing stars on the bus?

Aussie said...

Yes, I'm told that a bus driver has an incentive to tell a policeman that no-one is injured because if there is an injury, the bus driver is taken into custody until the injured party/parties are checked out of hospital.

I believe that officially no-one on the bus was injured!

Actually I walked into the main arena at the destination and there was smoke and a light show starting up. A throbbing head, smoke and strobe lights weren't a good mix. So, no, no fireworks!

elle said...

Oh,dear not a good start. Try driving yourself as much as you can, at least you're in control. I don't trust any of the drivers here.