Wednesday, 20 February 2008

blog attack

I've had three comments on my blog recently that make statements like

'Doushura said... For a more complete comments, I would advise you to be more detailed information, for example 'here or here.'

When I mouse over 'here' and 'here' I can see that they are both links to websites. One is a link to a site with the word 'pharmaceutical' in it. What is this all about? It seems like SPAM has arrived in blogdom. To post to a blog though you need to type in the free form group of 6(-ish) letters that appear at the bottom. This suggests that the spamming is manual rather than mass.

This is all a bit disappointing. We have to contend with daily email SPAM (despite paying for SPAM filters) and now it's arrived in blogs too.


Cairogal said...

Hi there,

First-time visitor. We're likely returning to the UAE this August. To discourage these spammers you could add character verification on the blog.

Marcus Aurelius said...

The spam is not finally getting to the blogosphere, your blog is finally starting to show up on search engines and the like.

Cairogal gives a good suggestion. Disable anonymous commenting and enable captcha verification.