Saturday, 22 March 2008

bizarre news stories today

A story I spotted in a Brisbane paper today about an incident in Florida, USA - Stingray leaps on to boat killing woman. Stingrays don't leap out of the water and attack people! That's just ridiculous! What was the ray thinking? They're only supposed to attack when they're under threat. A woman sitting in a boat shouldn't be a threat. How bizarre.

And one from a Melbourne newspaper - Infected Australian computers fetch top dollar. Say what? Apparently if you infect 1000 Aussie computers with viruses, you can score $100 USD from Russian bad guys. UK computers are worth $60, US computers $50 and Spanish computers $25. Why is anyone paying for this and why are Aussie computers worth more? Apparently the computers are being hijacked for mass-mailing SPAM. Aussie computers are hot property because Aussies are the slackest when it comes to protecting their computers so it means their computers can be hijacked longer than UK, US or any others.

And finally, Perth man sells life on Ebay. A man in Perth is selling everything on Ebay including his home and all of its contents as well as his car, clothes, introductions to all of his friends and even a trial at his work place. Apparently he's recently separated from his wife and he's not happy with his life. He's going to sell everything and start again.


Cairogal said...

Actually sting rays do jump out of the water to escape preditors. They think that's what happened. What is believed to have killed her is the 75 pounds of force that slammed her head against something on the boat-not the actuall barb (though they haven't confirmed if the ray's barb pierced her or not).

nzm said...

They also jump out trying to get rid of sea lice, and I like to think that they sometimes do it just for the sheer hell fun of doing it!

We once saw some great jumps by stingrays in Khor Ash Shamm just north of Khasab when we went on a dhow ride.

As for the Florida incident, it was an Eagle Ray not a Stingray, and there was no sign of any barb piercing on the woman. Just being hit by one of these things would be enough to do you in.

There was a bizarre incident just over a year ago in NZ where a woman was hit by a jumping dolphin. She suffered massive injuries and spent weeks in hospital recovering.