Friday, 16 May 2008

trip to Fuj

We set off on an overnight trip to Fujairah last weekend and came home via Dibba. Some parts of the trip were sensational. The first pic is dried out palm fronds that have obviously been growing out of this ute!

In a previous post I mentioned the camel hazard on the road to Fujairah. They are likely to step out in front of speeding cars at any time. Here they did just that. The car in front of us stopped to let a camel by. It was just outside the town of Al Madam. Luckily we, and they, weren't going all that fast! Note the three camels on the other side of the road! Glad no one was driving in that direction at the time.

Building in progress on the outskirts of Fuj.

The beach scenery outside Fuj is pretty.

Sunset in Dibba

Mosque in Dibba

Sunset over an industrial area outside of Dibba

City in the sticks 1 & 2 (In Australian English 'in the sticks' = in the middle of nowhere!)

Houses in the desert

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