Thursday, 16 April 2009

New York Paris Rome?

Part of the cost of living in the Emirates is the summer holiday expenses. Staying here in the heat with half the city closed down is just not an option. So where to?

In our holiday planning in the last few weeks, we've taken virtual trips everywhere. We spent a few weeks in South Africa and a week in Zanzibar. We did a road trip of the US and a trip back home to Australia. We did a week in Amsterdam, a week in Rome and a three week cruise of the Mediterranean. But ... we're no closer to making a decision. In fact, after all these virutal trips and decisions we're pretty much sick of the whole thing.

So where to?


Anonymous said...

Paris, France.

nzm said...

Do anything that would be harder or more expensive to do if you were back in Oz.

Even if it's a lot of effort to organise, it's far better to do it than to regret not doing it once you're back downunder.

The Americas are doable from Oz, as is the Far East.

Stick with Europe, Africa, Scandinavia, Eastern Bloc.

Robin said...

There are some lovely river boat cruises you can get that wend their way through Europe.

We had a wonderful holiday at Oberstaufen in Germany (or was it Austria?), Maastrich and Aachen in Holland and Germany were also lovely places.

One place we really want to go is up the Alaskan passage ... expensive, but one of the 100 things to do before you croak.