Friday, 17 July 2009


Monday 13th July
We visited Fira Town on the island of Santorini (Saint Irene), Greece today. Our ten story floating hotel was anchored in the Caldera of a volcano which last erupted in 1956. The tender to shore was rocky and mercifully short delivering us quickly to the few shops at the dock. The town, which is perched 300 metres up on the edge of the volcano, can only be reached by donkey or cable car. We lunched in the sky with a view over the caldera and the town as Greek music played and a gentle breeze wafted past. Then Johnny Cash started singing ‘Walk the Line’ and a huge wind started up only to disappear at the same time Johnny did.
People all around busied themselves with shopping, chatting, sipping coffee or Greek beer and eating Greek delights. The locals were all relaxed smiles and hospitality; they had all the time in the world to spend with us.
Santorini is the classic Greek island you see on all the pics – whitewashed houses with blue framed doors and windows. The church domes are blue too. It’s nothing short of gorgeous.

Santorini from the Lido deck of the ship.

The dock and town on high.

Donkey and his dad. This is one way to get to the town. The only other way is vernicular (cable car).

Here's a donkey that made it up.

Looking down from Fira Town. You can see our ship in the distance.


We got back to the ship to find a turtle waiting for us.

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