Friday, 18 December 2009

star trek

We've been watching the original Star Trek series recently. It's a an interesting study in history. The story line is incredibly slow moving and all punches are telegraphed - no surprises. It is soooo slow, the sets are quite silly sometimes and the story lines are plain juvenile for the most part. It's hard to imagine that it was ever taken seriously in the first place - though I do remember being glued to the set each Thursday night as a kid waiting patiently for the next thrilling installment of the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise.

The actors are interesting. From his first appearance Captain Kirk has that trademark twinkle in his eye and it's been interesting watching as the writer has been playing with the characters who will soon emerge as the key players. The gulf between Spock and McCoy is beginning to become apparent by about Episode 3. Uhura and Zulu are still fairly background. Spock is becoming more like the Mr Spock that we know and love today. Scotty seems to spend most of his time in the transporter room at the moment whereas later he'll be elsewhere. It all makes interesting watching - if a little tedious.

There's just the one fairly flat, juvenile storyline per episode. It's funny to compare it to something like Seinfeld (which came 30 years later) where there are three separate story lines interplaying every episode. The writing is world's apart.

The one thing that I keep looking for, but can't see at all is how Captain Kirk 40 years later becomes the Denny Crane of Boston Legal. The glint in his eye and his confidence carry through, but it still seems such a gulf. I watch him eagerly for signs of his later alter ego.

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