Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mystery solved

I got to work and immediately solved a mystery that had been on the minds of staff for many months. My name has been emblazoned across my office door for over a semester. There had been an extended drum roll followed finally by speculation that I was a no-show . . . and suddenly there I was. New rumours began immediately. People in the corridors were heard speculating that you could no longer get a job at UBD unless you were tall. Perhaps so.

Rumours and mysteries aside, I can factually report lovely views from my office over greenery and out to the ocean.


Sarah said...

Hey there, glad to see you blogging again. Hope Brunei is grand for you both... a place that has always seemed rather fascinating to me, and I've met some lovely Bruneians in my time. Hope you do too.

Meagan waugh said...

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