Saturday, 22 September 2007

jebel hafeet

Have I mentioned that I can see Jebel Hafeet from my lounge window? It's the highest mountain in UAE, though to be fair, it isn't very high at all. However, in a largely flat landscape it is significant. It has a paved road snaking up it which is lined with street lamps and looks just sensational at night. It really does look like the stairway to heaven.


Brn said...

So have you made it up to the top yet? You should wait for a nice clear day - it feels like you can see forever.

Rozina said...


I can see the same view - or should I say 'could' se the same view. A building is in costruction strategically right in front of my bedroom window, and I'm about to lose my stairway to heaven. I'm not happy.

I havent been up jebel harfeet, hopefully after ramadan we may venture up.

I like your blog, we are new here too but from uk.
I know what you mean about feeling like a kid again here...especially when you cant communicate what you want to either.
But I do hope to learn some Arabic
whilst here.

Anyway take care n keepblogging!!

The Intensivist said...

Hi Mr.Aussie,

Just for your information, Jebel Hafeet is not the highest mounatain in UAE.

Jabal Yibir (Arabic: جبل يبر) is a 1527 meter (5010 foot) tall mountain in the United Arab Emirates, and is the country's highest point. It is located in the Hajar Mountains.