Monday, 14 January 2008

it rained today

Yay! It rained for about 5 mins while I was in Khalifa Street today. Sensational! It was continuous rain, but not all that heavy. Interestingly the water didn't have anywhere to drain and there were huge puddles in the right lanes of the road.

This is where I should have a good picture of Khalifa Street puddles, but I was enjoying the rain too much to even think about getting a pic.


Andy said...


It is nice to read your blog. I am in talks with Hilton Hotel and they are offering me a chef job for 2700 DHS + accomodation. I want to know from you: Is 2700 dh a reasonable salary?

2) How much internet costs and mobile connection costs (i have a mobile handset) in al ain?

Aussie said...

Others would be in a better position than me to comment on this. However, if that is the per month salary, it really isn't very much.

Pay is a funny thing here. Locals generally get paid more than expats. Expats get paid differing amounts depending on their country of origin and their skills.

I'm not sure what a chef normally gets paid, what your level of skills are or where you are from. I can tell you though that 2700 Dhs per month isn't a great deal.

We're paying around 349 Dhs per month for a 2mg internet connection. I can't remember what 512k is, probably 100 Dhs odd. Mobile costs are quite low.

Someone mentioned recently that it's hard to get a local credit card on less than 5000 Dhs per month. That is a very low amount of income too.

Hopefully someone else can comment on your questions either to corroborate or to give you a different perspective.

Andy said...

Thank Aussie for your reply. I know 2700 is not a big amount. Al Ain salary are lower then Dubai and Abu Dhabi.