Saturday, 19 January 2008

tuscan dreaming

I've got it into my head that I want to go to Tuscany in July. I hadn't given it much thought before today, but suddenly it's a 'must do' despite two huge drawbacks; firstly the net is covered with stories about thieves and pickpockets targeting older travellers (I think that includes me these days!!) especially around stations and areas where tourists hangout in Firenze. The second drawback is that I have it on good authority (Seinfeld episode from about 1997) that it's impossible to find accommodation there. Seinfeld wouldn't mislead me on that or any other issue, I'm sure. So I'm gonna be Tuscan-dreaming for the next few months, or at least for the rest of the day.

The other big issue on my mind is cars; to buy or not to buy? All the arguments are in favour of buying rather than continuing to rent, but I seem unable to take the step. I'm afraid of commitment! I thought that was supposed to be a guy thing!

Some days I decide, 'Yes, I'll do it.' Others days I decide, 'No, not yet.' There are also days when I struggle with 'shall I get car X which is very sensible and gets lots of good reviews, or should I get car Y which is gonna be more fun, but is more expensive and doesn't get such good reviews.' So I can't decide whether to be sensible, a little reckless or just plain indecisive. Indecision is still winning out.


Andy said...

Hi Aussie,

Can you tell me how much Etisalat Mobile sim card costs and what are the charges of outgoing calls?

2 more things, i want to know:

1) I have a laptop purchased from New Zealand and it has a three square pin (the same you use in Australia). Are the pins same in Al Ain too so that i can recharge my laptop?

2) Do i need to bring jackets/warm clothes ? Hows weather in Al Ain?

Best Wishes,


Aussie said...

Hi Andy

Just got back from Aus yesterday and haven't checked the blog in the last week or so. Hence my tardy response!

You'll need an adaptor to plug your laptop in. You can get these at the airport and some hardware stores.

A jacket and a few warm clothes are a good idea at this time of year, but you won't need them a great deal.

I can't remember what a sim card costs, but it won't break the bank. I think it was a bit of an ordeal to get one - you need ID (passport and visa) and perhaps permission from your employer (can't quite remember).